The decision not to make decisions

Facetime #1. 
P. We recognised that in our previous collaborations we both have clearly defined roles that embrace our specialisms (T image maker/P text, layout). This process enables us to work within our individual comfort-zones, with the knowledge that the final product will be relatively successful.
My personal practice utilises the design process which enables me to develop a clear idea of how I want the finished piece to look before I start production – and this offers a sense of control. T suggested that we adopt a different approach and have no pre-conceived ideas about the project other than the fact we know we’ll meet in the middle. Therefore the way forward is to undertake 8 site visits each to record, research and analyse the environments.

T. Whilst we attempt to take an open approach to making work we also discussed strategies and structures to most effectively manage our time to enable this project to take shape. We agreed that the first 8 posts are to be uploaded by each of us by the end of January in order for these to inform the direction of the project.
Conversation about our first posts facilitated an exchange of ideas and new lines of enquiry were considered to take forward. Following this I am interested to undertake reading around the importance of the canal network within Oxfordshire which is the starting point for the Southern point of the walk.


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