Ketton | Duddington: workhouses

Driving towards Ketton I can see the Collyweston bridge with its six arches that’s mentioned in the Jurassic Way leaflet. Three of the arches are in the parish of Collyweston and three in


The only interesting feature I could find was the swan above a doorway (although technically speaking this was in Collyweston not Ketton).

02.swan above door

Disappointed by the lack of photographic potential here, I later find an excellent website about Ketton history; my favourite section is that of crime and punishment which highlights the nature of thefts in the 19th century – from black pudding, 2 stone of grapes, a bicycle lamp, a fence, to a pair of boots and potatoes – most offenders were either fined or sentenced for several weeks with hard labour. There is a lot of reference to the poor of the village so it was unsurprising to discover that up until 1836, when they joined the Stamford Workhouse Union – there was the House of Industry (Parish Workhouse) in Ketton. This building is now known as workhouse cottages. Looking at the 1881 census for the Stamford workhouse of the 161 inmates, six are listed as coming from Ketton, including – Elizabeth Culper (81) and William Turner (70) – both listed with the ‘handicap’ of idiot.

Coincidentally I had read in the leaflet about a former workhouse in the village of Duddington, but because I am doing this section of the walk in what is essentially reverse, the instructions are back to front, therefore unfortunately I couldn’t identify what had been the workhouse building. Subsequent research found that the workhouse was based at what is now Church Farm and existed there between 1775 and 1834.



  1. Nice idea. From my site visits so far I am beginning to realise that it is not always possible to find interesting/original focal points, therefore I am relying on undertaking research into historic events to help uncover more about the locations. When we started this process I hadn’t considered that this would be the case, and assumed that in each village location I would see something to work with.


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