Stories behind closed doors



Located some distance from the village, in the middle of fields, and accessed only by passing through three closed gates, St Mary’s church at Warkworth contains stories of medieval knights, Lords, Ladies and fairy tale castles.

The 13th century church was originally built as a chapel for Warkworth castle which was the home of crusader knight, Sir John de Lyon. The castle is no more – but the church remains and today is home to a congregation of 8 villagers.





  1. What a sweet little church, but with so much rich history. Is that a bar across the gate? My experience with visiting churches as part of this process is that they are now mostly locked – even on a Sunday! I’m amazed that this is still in operation if it only serves 8 people – amazing!

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  2. Yes – lovely little church – very hard to find! It was up a track, through a five bar gate, across a field, through the little iron gate to the left and then up a path to the church! The church was locked! When I was researching I found all these mentions of a mystery castle and tombs of knights! The family tree goes back to 1066!


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