Stepping into the unknown

Since starting the site visits, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to research into each village in more depth, and it is the stories with a human connection that have the most resonance. This type of subject matter is not necessarily the sort of material I would have chosen to work with – nor is this process and the fact that I am unsure where it is all leading; however there is something satisfying about this way of working and not knowing what the outcome will be.

The images are of two recent eBay purchases of postcards showing Stamford Meadows – the starting point of my walk. The viewpoint in both cards is very similar, in each case the Baths can be seen in the distance as well as four of the church spires. The hand-written messages on the reverse of each card are the thing I like most, as it personalises the pieces. Written in 1904 and 1910 they offer a snapshot of a long forgotten moment in time.

book 3
The Shell Country Alphabet by Geoffrey Grigson was a recommended purchase. In the foreword written by the author’s daughter Sophie Grigson – she recalls ‘He taught us to delight in the traces of the past that make up our present’ – this seems to perfectly describe the process we are both going through at the moment.


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