Edgecote: Past, Present & Future Positions



1469:   A ‘rebel victory’ under the leadership of Robin of Redesdale (a pseudonym for ‘one of the Northern Lords’) was recorded at the Battle of Edgecote Moor during the War of the Roses.  Whilst the battlefields ‘actual’ position is uncertain the outcome led to the collapse of King Richard III and the start of the Tudor dynasty.

1788:  Having inherited Edgecote House from his father William Henry Chauncy re-positioned the village of Edgecote to improve his view.

2016:  Whilst  protest about  HS2 (which is planned to cut right through Edgecote House gardens and straight across Edgecote Moor battlefield) is encouraged, the position of parishioners appears jubilant as voices sing out through the open door of the church of St. James.




  1. Did you actually find a church that was open and with a service? This is quite a feat in itself! It’s a particularly attractive church and I like the grass path leading to the door. I LOVE the fact that the lord of the manor repositioned the whole village to improve his view! you could argue it would have been easier for him to reposition his house, but such was their power at that time.


  2. Yes amazingly – the church was open and the Sunday service was on! I wondered what the noise was for a while and then realised it was the congregation singing! I thought it was amazing to move a village too!


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