Hellidon & the entrepreneur

Visiting Hellidon I was drawn again to the church and the village notice board in the centre of the village.

First research led me to the entrepreneur John Wells who cited 3 different professions within subsequent Census reports. He began as a shoemaker in Hellidon in 1841. By 1849 he had become a shop keeper and by 1854 he had become the first ‘postmaster and letter receiver’ of the newly opened post office in the village of Hellidon.



  1. T – are you still in Oxfordshire – or have you ventured into Northamptonshire now? The shoemaker suggests that it is the latter. I am also finding (as you would expect) lots of boot and shoe makers in the Northants villages, but I am surprised also by references to corsetry, glove making, parchment making and as previously mentioned the fur factory and flax weaving. The variety of trades is fascinating and something that I had not bargained for within village environments.


  2. I’ve moved into Northamptonshire! Most of the Oxfordshire trades were linked with agriculture – I’m continuing initial research into the remaining villages in the South section and will return to take more photographs of the village notice boards, house names and to evidence of industry.


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