Filling in the gaps #1

Barrowden war memorial


Whilst I have completed my site visits, there were some locations that didn’t seem to offer much visual reference at the time, and therefore I didn’t bother posting them; however subsequent research has uncovered some interesting stories.

Barrowden: this village had a thriving skin trade, with one prominent trader Robert Gill and Son; described as Fellmongers and woodstaplers and vellum, glue, parchment and patent rug manufacturers – this trade included the preparation of animal skins – a hazardous job – that would then be turned into either parchment paper, chamois gloves or sheepskin rugs. Whole families, including small children, were involved in this industry. The image above is an unusual wooden war memorial from inside Barrowden church.

Rockingham: One hundred and sixty four years ago the first Rockingham flower show was held, and continues today. It was reported that in 1852 ‘there was a good display of vegetables, but very few flowers’ – The exhibitors were divided by class – the gentry, clergy and farmers formed one class and the ‘humble cottagers’ the other. The visual opportunities associated with such a story could be interesting here.


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