Filling in the gaps #2


My approach to each site visit was not to do any research before-hand, as I didn’t want any pre-conceived ideas about what each location may have to offer, my only reference for directions purposes was the Jurassic walk leaflet. Below are three more villages that I didn’t post at the time, but which I have discovered some interesting historical information about that relates to past-industry.

Great Easton: This was home to a small corset factory – Moore, Haddon and Co. Based in a small ironstone building in Cross Bank; at its height it employed 40 women, one man and one boy. The images above show the factory in about 1910, and how it looks now.

Cottingham: In 1874 the clothing factory Wallis and Linnell was established here. A worker from the 1960s remembers making suits, naval uniforms and blazers. In 1980 the factory became Cottingham Closures – a shoe factory which closed in 2000.

DesboroughAirfieldPlan copy

Wilbarston: Although not strictly in Wilbarston, RAF Desborough – as the map shows was sited just south of the village. It was in operation from 1943-1953, and is now abandoned. Found imagery includes type-written Raid Reports from WWII which record various missions, with comments such as ‘a very comfortable trip’ (!).


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