Beginning to piece it all together


In response to sharing working practices with P  I have begun to piece together the different strands of my research in order to collate the visual and written data to document the 18 towns within my section of the walk.  Literally piecing together through cutting, sticking, writing and drawing adding layers and linking elements  within my sketchbook has enabled me to search out an image, an individual and their story.  I still have gaps but am slowly beginning to see how each story fits with it’s neighbour and where there is a gap my research is becoming more purposeful.

Several stories and their corresponding images need to be further refined before they are posted, however this process of re-assessing and re-looking has led to the uncovering of a greater level of detail and some ideas around the visual imagery to best represent the found stories.

Research this week has been through use of the internet which whilst has made effective use of my time (commuting to and from work) may need to be further expanded by returning to make additional site visits.



  1. This looks like a really interesting working process, mine is probably more linear, so I like the idea of your layers and finding links; I hadn’t really considered how each story may correspond to the subsequent page either, although when starting to visualise ideas I have become aware that although I will be exploring a similar visual language, it’s important that it doesn’t look like a continuous narrative, so I am trying to ensure that whilst there are commonalities in terms of design, each story has its own identity. I have also just re-visited one of my early sites, the second visit was much more focused as I was trying to find a specific sculpture in the church (which was actually open!). I didn’t have much luck but have written to the vicar instead who is now helping out.


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