Staverton: Elizabeth Darby and a fire engine


First research into Staverton has led to an Elizabeth Darby who bequeathed a fire engine to the village in 1720 following a fire which destroyed  22 houses, haystacks, stables and grain stores from the original village behind the church. Who was Elizabeth? and why a fire engine?


I found this image of a fire engine within the Information & History section of the Staverton Parish Website.  Allegedly the fire engine was kept in the village until recently when it was moved to Daventry museum.



  1. Well it looks basic, but I guess for 1720 this was probably rather impressive for a village take ownership of. It reminds me of the research relating to the firemarks – it was only after the Great Fire of London in 1666 that people recognised that houses needed to insured against fires. Interesting image of the church and the fact the clock is off-centre.


  2. I moved to Staverton from Birmingham in 1993 and heard the story about the fire engine. It had been kept in a stone outhouse near the village green but had been forgotten about. When it was rediscovered it was given to the fire brigade at Daventry Fire Station who refurbished it and I believe it is still there.


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