Meeting in Malaga

IMG_5986 (1)

A weekend away enabled us to discuss things face to face (rather than relying on email or FaceTime) this is much easier when sharing and reviewing information which involves physical objects and images.

P:   Firstly we reviewed each others individual stories so far; since T’s recent blog posts which were very inspiring – I had felt pressurised to fill any ‘gaps’ – so I had made a concerted effort in the last week to doggedly further my investigation, mostly through the internet, but this led to another form of research which resulted in emailing a vicar, a boxing expert and a American descendent of an USA air officer to help with the detail of some potential stories. The responses (some ongoing) were all very fruitful – and in hindsight this could have been undertaken much earlier on in the process. Through talking with T she made me realise that I have enough information to work with already – however short or limited the story itself. Her rationale was that a postcard is after all just a snapshot of a moment in time, therefore as we are using this as a vehicle for the book pages our aim is to provide a glimpse into the social history of each place, however brief!

T:   Having a sustained time period to discuss found individuals and their stories provided  the grateful opportunity to discuss, question, reflect and identify a new ‘to do’ list of further research in response to my own 18 towns and the visual research P presented.  Inspired by P’s correspondence with individuals to extend her research I too have contacted a vicar and B&B landlady this week!  The range of imagery P has already considered forms a coherent body of work and very much supported me to have confidence in and clarify my own visual arts practice.  In response to this I have spent some time this week gathering visual imagery to make use of including bicycles and mules!

P:   Further conversation was based around the design process and some of the detailing. For example – the production of each postcard page should in some way have a sense of individuality – i.e embellished or over-printed etc and we looked at the stitching samples to ensure parity between the two book halves. We discussed the possibility of using either found imagery or our own site photography to produce a postage stamp for the cards. We felt that the most productive way forward would be to start designing, making and printing the stories and pages that are already resolved whilst continuing with research; this is made possible by the fact that each page is a singular A6 card that can be produced in isolation. It is hoped that this method will enable us to keep the project momentum going and offer a sense of progression!

T:  Having time to continue our conversations provided the opportunity to further confirm the making process through sketchbook visuals in addition to establishing new dates for meeting and making days.   I have spend some time this week reading to clarify stories and am now beginning to work on editing text so that the written side of the postcards can be produced.


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