Moving Forward


Facetime #4.

T. A pre-arranged discussion via FaceTime enabled further sharing of found subject matter and working practices, the establishment of 2 making days in July and first consideration of The Small Publishers Fair as a a potential place to show the final series of postcards.
P. Whilst we are both making good progress in terms of our individual research and visual development of ideas, the collaborative aspect of this project means that talking face to face (albeit via FaceTime) enables us the opportunity  to offer each other support and reassurance  and keep the project momentum going; we also both seem to respond more effectively when we have a deadline to work to(!), so having the making days in place and the potential book fair has given us significant points to work to.

T. Multiple strands of conversation allowed pre-considered questions to be answered and ideas to flow freely between the two of us drawing upon our places of work, colleagues, family and friends. Reference was made to new blog posts by P and consideration that our collected social history stories are constructing a portrait. This word seems to fit with the selected format of a postcard  to record a snap shot of each place.


T. Some time was spent clarifying making practices including sharing ideas from colleagues to inform process and confirming details and design. To do lists with sequential and ordered tasks were supportively constructed with recognition that the project is moving forward from research to making.
P. Through talking and discussion we recognised that sometimes a project may falter because we deliberately put off ‘moving it on’ –  in this instance it is because we are unsure about the print/production method and we imagine that it could be problematic, however we agreed that we both need to be pro-active in testing and trailing different methods, we will then share best practice.




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