Worth the wait

Lizzie & Charles Wells & family
Source: http://wellsfamilyarchives.blogspot.co.uk

A couple of weeks ago I reported that I was still trying to find information for two of the villages in the north section – Great Oxenden and Harringworth. A random Google search one evening led me to the website of Joy Olney and the Wells Family Archives. Whilst Joy is an Australian, her great grandfather was originally from Great Oxenden. I emailed Joy, who kindly put me in contact with Dr Andrew Wells, the great, great grandson of Charles  Wells (whose brother had emigrated to Australia). Andrew sent me a wonderful, in-depth biography of Charlie, who unlike his brother had remained in Oxendon for most of his life. Having read so much about him I feel that I know Charlie – or Chas (pictured on the far right in above photo) – more than any of the other individuals that constitute my section of the walk. There are so many aspects to his life, and I feel guilty that with all this information at my fingertips I may not be able to do him justice, however limited space, and a maximum word count of about 80 words, means we have to focus on a singular attribute. So it will be my job to decide how this staunch Liberal, who kept bees and won awards for his honey, who had green fingers, and preferred his cycle rather than relying on public transport – as it didn’t meet with his exacting timekeeping expectancies – will be portrayed! Thank you to Joy and Andrew for generously sharing a part of their personal family history with a complete stranger and for filling the final gap in my research.



  1. I like the fact he is just an ‘ordinary chap’ – but with a wealth of information to choose from, similarly I could have chosen his wife, although she wasn’t from the village originally… although it may have evened up the male/female ratio a bit!


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