Six months on

j sign

Last night I found myself looking back at our old blog posts to remind myself of how far the project has come. The first post was made on 7 December 2015, so it has been six months
today since we began this journey. Looking at some of the early posts, it is interesting to see how much of our early research material is now redundant and has been dismissed. As part of my ‘day job’ – working in education – we have recently been reviewing and discussing
students’ attitude to research, and (at times) their reluctance to engage with developing an idea that doesn’t lead directly to a final solution. Some students also struggle to see the
relevance of research and how it informs their work. This project is the antithesis to that issue; we had no preconceived ideas about what the final outcome of meeting in the middle would be, this enabled us the freedom to explore each site with an open mind. By taking a broad
approach – once a theme was decided, we were able to extract the relevant information and enhance this by undertaking further in-depth enquiry into a specific subject area.
We were both aware at the recent FaceTime meeting that this project could just be the start of an ongoing investigation into other aspects of the people and places that comprise the
Jurassic Way.



  1. Six months! I’ve just taken your lead and looked back too!

    Blogs so effectively capture the sequence of a project. Within a first conversation we both expressed an interest in working outside of our known practice, being open minded to the end result and enjoying this process. Was it our joint ‘buy in’ to that concept which has enabled the project to develop? I wonder whether to explore this approach to research with my students?

    The starting point for this project was so out of our comfort zones we had to do things differently! It has been so interesting to purposefully visit places, look, search out something interesting and then investigate this further to inform visual practice. I hadn’t realised I was so interested in social history! The stories we have both uncovered recounting experiences of everyday people from the past have been both fascinating and unexpected. Whilst looking for old postcards yesterday I uncovered more – two photographic postcards of the same women potentially Mrs Seeney from Middleton Cheney or Elizabeth Darby (although I’m not sure if the clothes are from the same period) also a Mr P. White, former owner of a Olympia Traveller de Luxe typewriter, and possibly a whole new project…….


  2. I have also enjoyed the discovery of local history associated with my section of the walk, and in some respects, as I mentioned in the Chas Wells post, it does seem as if the A6 postcard is rather restrictive, in as much as it only allows us to portray a tiny snapshot in time – when in fact we have uncovered a wealth of material that has been discarded, despite the fact it still has further value. I like the fact that we have both been able to talk to either relatives or connections with these discovered pasts – and as with Mr P White – they have become integral to, and part of the journey too.


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