Getting closer to the middle

Facetime #5
Today’s discussion centered around the upcoming making days and current progress.
P: Making days
In terms of the first making day at the University of Lincoln, we will aim to utilise the facilities as much as possible, therefore we need to try and ensure we have things ready prepared; options include lino-cutting or mono-printing, possibly screen-printing (if the screen is pre-made), photocopying and guillotining. It will also be our intention to finalise book cover ideas/design – in readiness for this we will both aim to think about the materiality of the covers and how it can relate to our book theme. We discussed the possibility of working collaboratively on this aspect of the project, this is in contrast to our current working methodology, which is about independent-working – although not in isolation as we are continuing to share work via the blog or Facetime. We will also use the making day to review all finished work so far.
The second making day in Banbury will hopefully focus on finishings such as sewing the books together, rubber stamping and book cover production.

kitchen table photo


T:  In preparation for the opportunity to make work alongside P in the print studio, I have prepared several lino cut blocks to experiment with.  Overprinting and collaging ideas are still to be finalised and I’m looking forward to the sharing and exchanging of techniques and processes as the practical making of work takes place.

P: Progress report 

We had a discussion around whether or not it was important that postcard imagery depicted the named individual within the story. We had both taken the view in developing our ideas that a disconnect between story and image was fully acceptable and could add to the intrigue of the story.

Despite the various typewriter problems that we have both encountered, we have now got to grips with this aspect of the project (and back to back photocopying) and therefore this element is well on the way to completion.

It was interesting to see the first of T’s designed postcards, which were beautiful and inspirational. It made me realise again that I need to stop procrastinating and start to move on with some of the story/design aspects that I have been avoiding because they are problematic. I should also not worry about re-doing postcards if I am not fully satisfied with the final outcome – as T pointed out, there are only 8, so it is not an issue.

Our meeting in  10 days time will be a great opportunity to share and discuss our practice and to offer support in moving our individual work forward; more importantly it will give us the opportunity to assuage any doubts!

T: Progress report

The challenge of representing a village with one A6 image and 90 words of text is resulting in having to select what to depict and what to leave out which has led at times to the visual and written being different.  The choice of what to include and what to leave out is interesting and perhaps one to further review at the end of the project?

I found the opportunity to confirm details around the typewritten side of the post card was particularly helpful – P has definitely explored and realised this more fully and was happy to share tips and make suggestions.  The idea that there may be mistakes was discussed. This sharing of practice led to me re-making several pieces of text which I am now much happier with.

My first visual images are beginning to take shape but as yet are limited to collage.  I was interested to hear about additional details P intends to apply to the surface of her postcard and I’m interested to consider this myself with the addition of stitch.



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