One, two, three…

Making in the north alongside P enabled me to finalise 5 images and begin to work on a further 3.  The time to share ideas, discuss working practices and give and receive feedback  further supported my initial ideas and gave me confidence to continue.  A practice of cutting and sticking has emerged!  Making use of the photocopier I have explored its potential and utilised the advanced settings to knock back or heighten colour, enlarge and re-enlarge to distort found images, and print different surfaces including thin washes of paint and fabric.  Access to a printer and photocopier alongside printing and painting materials has proved essential in the later stages of the making process and very much supported the idea of making the multiples required for this project.

Having made each picture postcard separately, I began to view them sequentially prior to the final making day.  This resulted in the addition of collage though self adhesive papers, letter stamps and selected colours in paint and pen for further detail.




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