Marking the end (almost)

Whilst many of the tasks seemed complete by the time we met for the making day south, it was still a good opportunity to discuss not only some of the minor detailing, but also make a decision about the front covers.

At the previous making day we had discussed the materiality of the covers and their relevance to the project. Through discussion we returned to the walk itself and the wooden signs that are used along the Jurassic Way to indicate the route. The chance discovery of some 0.8mm plywood offcuts seemed to offer a perfect solution.

Through an ongoing exchange of ideas we became aware that the cover design needed to be kept as simple as possible – as a contrast to the postcards – and the methodology needed to be relatively uncomplicated due to time restrictions. By extending the idea of the postcard we eventually arrived at a solution to produce rubber stamps of postmarks, so that each front cover can be stamped individually.


One comment

  1. These designs look great P – exactly right from our discussion

    The collaborative process of this final design decision appeared straightforward – from nothing to an agreed design very quickly! perhaps because we have worked together before? or perhaps as we have both worked through all stages of this project?


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