The Windham Papers

Several months ago we were approached by book artist Heather Hunter who invited us to be part of a project by Sparkartists called Illuminating the discarded library (working title). The aim of the project is to produce an altered book that will form part of an  exhibition in 2017/18.
Our first task was to select a book from Christchurch College library’s withdrawn editions; we have chosen a pair of books called The Windham Papers Volumes 1 and 2 – as this will hopefully offer greater opportunities in how we chose to develop the project. Whilst the altered book is not a book-form that we would usually opt to work with, we are viewing this as a new challenge.

I have spent the week with Angie Butler – artist and PhD researcher – we have been able to have informal discussions about a range of artist’s book practice including the altered book genre; she has made me realise that it is possible to use my own areas of interest and working practices to develop an altered book, rather than relying on my perception of what an altered book should be. I am now starting to consider several different approaches and will need to discuss with T how we progress the project.


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