Thinking out loud

Although we haven’t yet had the opportunity to discuss the Windham Papers project, I have started to think about previous practice – and an area that I had started to explore as part of my MA several years ago was how applying a series of hierarchical systems to typographic content could affect the visual appearance of the page. By adopting different working strategies, i.e using a set of mandatory rules to develop work, meant control of all decision-making in relation to the visual appearance, was surrendered. However rather than the rules acting as a restriction, it meant that the work developed in ways that would not have been possible had I made subjective decisions at each stage of the process. Ultimately it meant that the system dictated the visual appearance of the work.

T has previously produced work that uses cataloguing systems, so this may be a way of bringing our individual practices together to develop something new, but in a different way to normal.


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