Twelve x Two

Having made twelve backgrounds by photocopying found found surfaces onto cartridge paper, I have produced a second layer  of shapes using machine stitch onto tracing paper.  Exploring the linear quality of machine stitch I have made use of red and blue thread to reference sewing markings used in dress making. These second layers will be photocopied onto the first layer prior to letterpress text being added by P.

Photocopying the tracing paper stitched patterns onto the cartridge paper first backgrounds worked well.  Slight adjustments were made in the printing to heighten the colour of the thread by using the colour management settings and two backgrounds were amended to lighten the tone of the first background in order for  the machine stitched line to be seen clearly.


One comment

  1. Despite our reservations about this project, I have to say that this process of working seems to be really effective. Whilst different from Meeting in the Middle, without that project it’s unlikely we would have arrived at this methodology. In particular, I like the fact that we make joint decisions, work separately to develop the ideas, and then both have the opportunity to engage in the creative process. The element of surprise, not knowing what’s going to arrive in the post is probably the best bit!


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