Over printing

Following the arrival of the images from T, I was keen to get into the print-room as quickly as possible to keep the momentum of the project going. The images look great in ‘real life’ and the stitched elements are particularly effective.
Using some of T’s ‘title’ ideas plus some of my own I was able to plan two or three pages at a time, printing in colour batches, so that I didn’t have to keep cleaning the printing press!
The page size is quite restrictive and means that only certain type could be considered for use. I used two wood-type fonts and two hot metal fonts in various combinations and
followed T’s lead, using predominately red and blue ink, to match her thread colours, plus pink. The image placement on each cover also dictated the size and positioning of the type, but this was an interesting challenge, and by day two I started to introduce decorative elements to accompany the text matter.


One comment

  1. Really interesting to see the addition of such beautiful text and read about your process of working in the print room. Your post evidences skill, resourcefulness and creativity. I love the fact that you’ve overcome initial restrictions, embraced them and extended the initial illustrative backgrounds with decorative details.


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