Intersect intersected

After 8 days of waiting for the parcel from T to arrive, it became apparent that part of the original book pages were lost somewhere in the postal system. My initial thoughts were that this would put an end to the project, however a Facetime discussion enabled us to establish that T had made some copies and only 6 pages in total had been lost, this meant that we could still proceed. We decided that rather than reduce the number of pages, the book would remain at 20pp with the lost text pages remaining either blank ā€“ or with something to identify or even celebrate the loss. Although the delay had an impact on the original planned production schedule ā€“ once typing commenced on the newly adjusted pages, it was an incredibly quick process, and as time went by it became easy to translate each sentence quite naturally into the code ā€“ almost becoming fluent in a new hieroglyphic language!


One comment

  1. Quite like the indentations from the typewriter from having to apply pressure to keys because of the old typewriter ribbon. I was hoping that there may be some off-setting from the carbon letterforms, but this doesn’t seem to have happened (sadly).


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