Intersect divided

Despite the various ups and downs of the intersect project, we now seem to be back on track. With my sections of the book typed and sent to T – using recorded delivery (to ensure against further losses!); I have been able to move on to the covers, whilst T begins the typing of her sections, whenever she gets some spare time… thanks to the portable typewriter!
We are using the covers from my book but the (new) title has been taken from the title page of T’s book. The initial idea for the front cover was to translate the title using code, however the symbols +*=:/ are not all available as wood type, therefore it was decided to overprint the full title using black ink to reflect the typed code of the inner pages. The inscription from T’s original book was also letterpress printed, this time using red to reflect the second colour of the typing, it was placed in the same position as the original book – the inside front cover; these processes continue the concept of intersect.


A testing time!

Despite the 103 miles that divide us, smart phone technology enables us to send and receive images and messages, and subsequently make decisions, almost instantaneously. Starting at 09.49 today, here is a visual journey of a conversation that took place regarding the ‘container’ of the book; it was accompanied by 24 messages and concluded at 10.40am. It resulted in us resolving the final problem. Each element within the 10 photos was made as an immediate response to our discussion, and sent within the 51 minutes of the conversation.


The following emojis supported our conversation 😬☺️👍🏼😬😂😂😬👍🏼😀 !