Visual reference

Things to inspire:

Mandatory Thinking produced a project called Adaptation. It was a systematic adaptation of a second edition of John Galsworthy’s ‘Escape’ (published 1926) and used a series of rules to connect letterforms.


I have started to explore some ideas around photographic portraiture and using found imagery to produce an imagined narrative; at the same time I have purchased some historic postcards of the sites, so it was interesting to discover this artist John Stezaker who cleverly combines postcards as part of a photographic portraits:


Artist Stephanie Rubiano uses a more three-dimensional collage approach:

Jane Long’s work that re-appropriates old photos is beautifully crafted and rather surreal:

I have always admired the work of Hagar Vardimon since discovering her thread-based photos from 2012,  but her more recent collages and commissioned work is equally beautiful:


Naomi Vona uses pen, paper, tape and stickers to enhance found photographs

Artist Shannon Rankin produces work that ‘uses the language of maps to explore the connections among geological and biological processes, patterns in nature, geometry and anatomy.


Grayson Perry’s tapestries.
The use of text and wording within the ‘comfort blanket’ below offers a sense of time and place.



Contemporary embroidery artists

Maurizio Anzeri’s beautiful embroidery portraits produced by sewing directly into found photographs.

Embroidered type from Maricor/Maricar studio who specialise in hand embroidered illustration and lettering.

MM_GoPlayFood_04 MM_MakersDreamers_01


Book structures both suggesting journeys

Above: The Great Australian Dream by Kim McKechnie and below: Sienkiewicza Street in Kielce by Radoslaw Nowakowski